ABC Playmat Games


ABC play mats are so much fun in our house at the moment. Our LB is fascinated with letters especially from watching Super Why (a lot). As of now the main game we play is “What Letter is This?” Which she gets about 70% of them right and the ones she doesn’t know she calls them all “double-you”!!

I do try to incorporate colors because of how colorful they are, but she is still interested in letters mostly.

This is her game that she plays and I love that she does it. Kids CAN learn to clean up at a young age! After we lay out all the letters, she gets to take them apart and put them in their bin. As she does this she says the letter out loud. I swear I didn’t force her to do this. But she sees me on a daily basis putting things back and after all, once it’s put back it can be dumped out again. That’s the best part 🙂

Some other games that we are trying and will try in the future is:
– Jump on a letter when it’s called out
– Simple spelling words
– Sounding out letters

I’m sure there are plenty more, but this is our Play for the week. Also I won’t keep this out all week. First reason is because I would have to search for all the pieces at the end of the night and I just don’t want to. Second, if she only gets to play with it a few days in the week, I feel like it holds her interest longer. A lot of moms do the toy rotation and I like it too. My mindset is the toys that have a million pieces should only come out a 2-3 times a week.

Have a happy Wednesday and Play!