Just Do It Organization Method

Good Monday morning! Hope you all had a relaxing weekend! Friday was my monthly freezer meal prep with my friend, Charlotte. We haven’t done one of these since before Christmas and it was both tiring (like usual) but much faster. Saturday I had a massage in the evening which was nice and helped especially after a long Friday cook. I was thinking about what my Monday Organizational post should be about and I was inspired by my massage. They always tell you to drink plenty of water after a massage to help replenish, etc… I usually ignore that because I’m a stubborn water drinker. I’ll have coffee for breakfast, soda for lunch if we have any, or nothing at all. I just don’t tend think of water first. Bad habit and I used to drink it all the time. So as I was getting ready for bed my body suddenly told me that I needed water. I felt the urge and at first pushed it aside. Then my next thought was “Just do it”! So I did. It wasn’t out of my way or complicated, I was just lazy and being stubborn.

This is very similar to how most of my organizing takes place. I’ll see a pile of stuff that needs to be worked on for days and I will ignore it stubbornly. Most likely it would take me 15 minutes to an hour to take care if it. The nights that I have the energy to do something about it, the voice in my head pushes me forward and says “Just do it!” And then I do. I take that pile or section and attack with full force. The picture below of my “Drop Zone” is what you can see in my bedroom. We have a room attached to the master bedroom that I use for my craft space and everything that I buy or bring upstairs to be put away for later gets dropped here. I try to make a habit of bringing up things only to put them away as soon as possible. But in reality that happens about 10% of the time.

Area where everything piles up, endlessly

Area where everything piles up, endlessly

Whether it takes you a couple weeks or minutes to figure what to just do, do that something pile and you will feel so much better. I’ve had times where I try to attack my drop zone pile all at once. I’ll move everything from the floor to my bed because I use my bed as a work space to group things into like piles. Lately with my schedule though, by the end of the night the pile is still on the bed and my poor husband has to begrudgingly move it off the bed again for me. Now, I’ll take one bin at a time and that seems to work slowly but surely.

Don’t take on everything though unless you have the time and energy. It’s all pretty common sense, but so is drinking water and sometimes I really need a push to do it.

Below are my piles I hope to tackle this week. Just so you know this organization thing is a journey that I struggle with everyday too.

Just Do It1

Even though its not a pile of dishes, I try to keep the sink cleared.


My daughters playhouse usually gets reset at the end of the night. Generally though as long as all the pieces are inside the playhouse and I can’t see it, its good enough for me!

JDI_Dining Table

Our dinning table also is a drop zone for both my hubby and I. This is a project I’m going to get to this week though, I promise!

Hope you all have been inspired to Just Do It (I know it Nike’s saying, but it applies to life also) and if you have piles of drop zones that you also get to this week, please share your comments, frustrations, etc with me!

All my best,

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