Decluttering Disturbs my Sleep

Right before my head hits my pillow and after I’ve put my phone down to sleep it suddenly hits me! I have to get back out of bed and declutter something. This burst of energy increases as I start to think of what else needs to be done around my home. Has this de-cluttering sleep monster ever bothered you? I’ve been yawning all throughout the day, drank two cups of coffee, but somehow this stored up energy comes from within me.

I started by thinking I could unpack my suitcase that has been sitting at the end of our bed for the past 5 days since we came back from WA.  Eh, nah! That is too much work at 11pm for me.  I got out of bed, turned the light on and looked around the room. There was a random sock of my daughters on the floor, more laundry folded in a basket begging to be put away, and then I saw a candle burner I haven’t used in years! I thought, “I could sell that on my FB online swap meet group for like $10, right?! Done!” And then I was on a roll… Taking pictures, wiping down surfaces, grouping things, making a sell pile, bring to new location pile, and trash pile. I cleaned off my husbands dresser surface which in the last month has become a dumping zone for toys, books, new boxers, projects, etc… Hot mess? Heck ya! Then I also tackled my dresser top, sold a bundle of candles & accessories, and removed seasonal items to be put away later.

Now that I’ve finished cleaning, clearing, selling, and putting away I felt satisfied! The clutter bed bug has been scratched until the next night I get attacked at 11pm (took me 3 hours to do all this).

I recommend doing things in smaller portions or time restrictions usually, but I think it’s OK sometimes to go with the flow. As long as I don’t start to feel upset or tired by doing it, then it’s all good. I was actually super motivated to post things for sale and get them uploaded ASAP!! (Money, money, money – Andy voice from Toy Story)

G’nite and sweet dreams

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Nail polish that I sorted through that I know I have too many of the same color or won’t/haven’t ever used.




Teething Bling Bangle was used when my daughter was 6 months to 12 months. But it didn’t work well for me, because I still had to remove the bangle and just hand it to her.



This is nail accessories like flowers, beads, etc… that I used for my wedding nails and have not touched since (2 years plus)