Paper Dahlia Wall Decor

When we first moved into our house (3 years ago) the day after we got married, I was very unsure of how to decorate our new home. Most of our art and nice furniture came from my parents because they were moving out of the country and couldn’t take everything with them. In our living room space there is an adjacent wall to our guest room that was so big and empty, the wall was almost crying out it was lonely!

Three years later, I’ve slowly but surely built a wall pattern that fits our needs. In the before picture (below) you’ll see I’ve created a pyramid shape. The clipboards will act to hold larger pieces of lil’ bunnies art, and the smaller frames will hold either pictures or sayings. I painted the forest scene with some girlfriends last year for my birthday at Social Paint Brush. It was so much fun that we did a couple more after that.

1 Bare Top
At the end of last week, I was staring at my wall after putting babes to sleep and while watching my K-drama shows. It looked so bare and again I felt the need to fill it. I started searching Pinterest for inspiration on wall decor. I wanted something that popped, was beautiful to look at, and easy on my budget. Through my search I found these three pins: Pin #1, Pin #2, Pin #3. It was perfect and all three posts are great sources with directions. I will share what I did with mine and the struggles I had along the way.

Supplies as seen in picture:

Color paper, paper cutter/Scissors, glue gun, cardboard, 8 inch circle,pencil

Color paper, paper cutter/Scissors, glue gun, cardboard, 8 inch circle,pencil

Note 1 – At first I tried cutting my 8 inch circle with my circle cutter and didn’t realize until I took it out of the package that it went up to 5 inches. So I used a small desert plate to trace a pattern onto a magazine. I measured the circumference and made adjustments so that it was 8 inches. Then traced the pattern onto the cardboard and cut out.

Measurements and Cones

Measurements and Cones

Note 2 – The hardest part for me was making the cones uniform. I was being a little OCD about them being the same height. But near the end of making the cones, I just tried to make the opening about the same width.

My paper measurements for the cones:
– 20 pieces of light gray, 8 x 5.5 inches
– 20 pcs dark gray, 8 x 5.5
– 20 pcs dark coral/pink, 8 x 5.5
– 15 pcs dark coral/pink, 4 x 6
– 10 pcs light coral/pink, 4 x 6

The number of cones are what I used for my decor, but it may be different depending on your 8 inch circle and how you make your cones. Also it took me a minute to remember how to roll up the cones. Quick Tutorial on Rolling Cones – holding your sheet of paper in a portrait position, I started at the bottom left corner and rolled from bottom left towards upper right. You may have to play with it to get it right, especially to have a wider opening of the mouth.

Light Gray 8 x 5.5 20 pieces

Light Gray 8 x 5.5 20 pieces

Note 3 – I only rolled the cones per layer, laid them out on the cardboard, glued them down, and then started the next set. I wanted to make sure I didn’t make too many cones. I also glued the point of the cone flat so that it would be easier to glue to cardboard.

Dark Gray and Dark Coral 8 x 5.5 20 pieces each

Dark Gray and Dark Coral
8 x 5.5 20 pieces each

Note 4 – After I had my light gray base down, the following layers I would lay out on top before gluing down. I also wanted to make sure I liked the placement and overall look of the petals.

Not glued in yet, testing look of dahlia

Not glued in yet, testing look of dahlia

Finished Paper Dahlia Wall Decor

Finished Paper Dahlia Wall Decor

Note 5 – Before I started the petals, I attached picture command stickers to back of 8 inch circle. I don’t like using a hammer and nail to hang my pictures and art, only because I tend to change things around. The picture above is with all the petals glued down. It was surely a labor and I love how it looks.

Paper Dahlia hung on wall

Paper Dahlia hung on wall

My pyramid is complete!

My pyramid is complete!

My dahlia colors are similar to Love Pomegranate House, but since I have a darker wall, I used the light gray as the base before layering the dark gray. I really love how it turned out. I finished this on Tuesday and that night I kept looking at it and smiling. It makes me happy to make something with things I already have. Hope you can try this craft out. It took me a total of 3-4 days, spending about 2 hours a day (8 hours total). But that’s because I would do a little bit each time.

Have a great weekend!

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First of the Month

February 24, 2014

First of the Month

Good Afternoon! Welcome to my take on Organizing, Playing, and Creating. My goal for this blog is to share my organizing journey.  As a mother to an almost two year old and homemaker, I have increased the amount of my time spent trying to organize our home and create a welcoming atmosphere. The playing aspect is all the learning and developing tools that occur with my growing family.  I hope to create a naturally curious place for my child through indoor and outdoor activities. Lastly, my creative side is inspired by my friends and family, Pinterest, and many other social media. I enjoy almost all crafts including sewing, woodwork, scrapbooking & journaling, and much more.

I honestly don’t remember what happened to January and February of 2014. With the first of March approaching quickly, I have decided to dedicate some certain activities to the first of each month. What do you do the first of the month? Whether it’s paying your mortgage, restarting your exercise goals, or grocery shopping for the month, the first of the month is really important in my book.

I declared to myself for a 2014 New Year’s resolution to change our bed sheets on the first of the month. This is a big declaration…to me at least. Before, I probably would remember to do it every 2-3 months. And I don’t know why it never occurred to me to have a set routine for it. My husband sets a reminder to change out our air filters (every 3 months). And he does an excellent job following it.

Yet there are some reminders and declarations that I set for myself or my family and they get pushed aside. I tried doing a monthly review of our financial budget. The first time the reminder pops up on my phone calendar, I ignore it and head over to Facebook or Pinterest. What I realize now that I should have done was have a trial period or probation period to test how well my reminder system works and if it’s not, readjust the setting.

So instead of a monthly financial budget review with hubby, it should be a quarterly (every 4 months) to make sure we are following our goals. Now that I look back, I was already doing a quarterly system. But because I also kept a log of our spending, the longest part of budget review was the journaling. That got annoying fast! Finding a system that works on a weekly, monthly, and yearly basis is tiresome. For the most part all our bills are on auto pay. There are a select few that I have to remember to go in to pay.

Financial Budget Review Outline:
– Budget Review (Quarterly, every 4 months January, May, & September)
– Log Journaling (Biweekly)
– Other Bill Pay (Biweekly or  the 1st & 15th of the month)

The execution of the new financial budget review can only be accomplished if I have an office space set up to its specifications.  Setting up my office to pay bills and address certain items is important. My goal for the next couple of months is to have a working system and review if it works well with you.

What is your first of the month routine? Here are a few ideas and suggestions of what your first of the month can be. Also, include family members in your first of the month concept and find a special duty they can fulfill each time.

–          Refrigerator & pantry sweep of foods expired

–          Deep clean the showers

–          Sterilize the washing machine

–          Have your child wipe all the blinds of dust.

–          Wipe down baseboards and sterilize doorknobs.

–          Clean fans and lamps of dust

–          Sterilize garbage can

–          Attack handyman tasks that have piled up for months like tightening screws on loose items, painting unfinished areas, putting up curtains, etc…

All these and any others you can think of would be great ways to start the next month in a productive and fulfilling manner. Hope you get inspired to find your first of the month tasks!


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