Decluttering Disturbs my Sleep

Right before my head hits my pillow and after I’ve put my phone down to sleep it suddenly hits me! I have to get back out of bed and declutter something. This burst of energy increases as I start to think of what else needs to be done around my home. Has this de-cluttering sleep monster ever bothered you? I’ve been yawning all throughout the day, drank two cups of coffee, but somehow this stored up energy comes from within me.

I started by thinking I could unpack my suitcase that has been sitting at the end of our bed for the past 5 days since we came back from WA.  Eh, nah! That is too much work at 11pm for me.  I got out of bed, turned the light on and looked around the room. There was a random sock of my daughters on the floor, more laundry folded in a basket begging to be put away, and then I saw a candle burner I haven’t used in years! I thought, “I could sell that on my FB online swap meet group for like $10, right?! Done!” And then I was on a roll… Taking pictures, wiping down surfaces, grouping things, making a sell pile, bring to new location pile, and trash pile. I cleaned off my husbands dresser surface which in the last month has become a dumping zone for toys, books, new boxers, projects, etc… Hot mess? Heck ya! Then I also tackled my dresser top, sold a bundle of candles & accessories, and removed seasonal items to be put away later.

Now that I’ve finished cleaning, clearing, selling, and putting away I felt satisfied! The clutter bed bug has been scratched until the next night I get attacked at 11pm (took me 3 hours to do all this).

I recommend doing things in smaller portions or time restrictions usually, but I think it’s OK sometimes to go with the flow. As long as I don’t start to feel upset or tired by doing it, then it’s all good. I was actually super motivated to post things for sale and get them uploaded ASAP!! (Money, money, money – Andy voice from Toy Story)

G’nite and sweet dreams

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Nail polish that I sorted through that I know I have too many of the same color or won’t/haven’t ever used.




Teething Bling Bangle was used when my daughter was 6 months to 12 months. But it didn’t work well for me, because I still had to remove the bangle and just hand it to her.



This is nail accessories like flowers, beads, etc… that I used for my wedding nails and have not touched since (2 years plus)


Hashtag 40 Bags in 40 Days

It’s about 2:30 am as I’m writing this and I’m still no where sleepy like I should be. I’ve got a million thoughts in my head about projects, ideas, and crafts to do and it doesn’t help that I had a diet coke around 9pm.

So while I’m tossing in bed, checking Facebook (spying), the main thought in my head is decluttering my house. I first saw and heard of #40bagsin40days at

This concept is not new to me and I actually have been slowly doing this throughout my home. Yet having a group of people doing it together as a pact gives me more motivation. Plus I can see other peoples progress, get inspired, and brag about what I got done too! It’s a secret society to get rid of your stuff and I love it!!

I started here at our entrance shoe closet and was motivated to also do the bathroom downstairs.


Bathroom basket and medicine cabinet:



It was simple enough. I took out the items I knew I hadn’t used in forever. And I feel mostly I’m at this point in my life where I am ok to let go of things when I really have not used them. My thorns are my crafts and pictures though. I can take 15 pictures of the same pose of my daughter and still not want to delete any of them.

Inside of closet – I realized as I was going through my shoes that I really only wear two pairs of shoes. My jogging shoes and flip-flops (my favorite brand is Cobian). I used to love wearing heels but that was in my single days. Now I can’t stand how my toes and heels hurt.



Find a start point that won’t take too much time but will still motivate you to continue. My start point was the shoe closet because I wasn’t attached too deeply to anything. Plus we rarely use our closet, other than to pull out shoes for the day. It also stores some outdoor games equipment. We were really into tennis years back and would go once a week. But its slowed down and I still want to get back into it eventually. I did keep our rackets because I do see us playing this sport again. Whereas, we’ve never opened the Smashball in the 6 years we’ve owned it and the yoga mat I know I haven’t used since about almost 10 years back when I used it for a college class.

I made sure to try on the shoes just so I could confirm that I didn’t want them. I paid good money for a lot of them and I’d rather use them if I know I will. Here is my giveaway, sell pile:


While it’s important to get rid of unused and an over abundance of things, I also feel like something things just need to find new homes. Or if they are seasonal, need to be stored until next season. Here is my keep but move to new location pile:


Next week I’ll hopefully have tackled more of my kitchen and living room. Fingers crossed!!

Check out the for more tips and to start your decluttering journey!!

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