Teddy (Bear) Claiming Prime Spots

What does it say about an adult who has a hard time letting go of your child’s precious stuffed toys? I don’t remember having to do that growing up because I didn’t really have any attachments to my animals. I had favorites yes, but then my mom would grab the toys we never played with anymore and send them to the Philippines where our cousins were more in need of them. Of course, how could I be selfish? It would be cruel of me not to share. Yet, with my toddlers, I feel more of a sentimental attachment because it’s the Pooh Bear I never got as a kid, or my husbands hulk hands that were given to him as a joke, but I love them. The start of a collection of dolls that I can totally see getting out of hand.






So where do I go from here with this collection? My hope is that I will slowly get rid of things that either get dirty, ┬ámy child loses interest, or I have multiples of the same type. For example, in the bin of stuffies you can see that I have multiple turtles. This is my personal collection that I started with my then boyfriend (now husband). I just love turtles! I want to swim beside them and visit them in their element. I don’t want to have a pet turtle, mind you. I don’t like pets because I personally didn’t grow up with pets and I have no need for them. But turtles I will visit and it would be great. In the mean time, I have my collection… but I could probably get rid of them. I don’t need ALL of them.

This organization post is starting to look like it needs an intervention, lol. Hello, my name is Sherie and I love turtles! I have a problem. :/ ANYWAY, the simple thing to do is to group like items. All dogs, bears, dolls, turtles, and other categories and only choose one of each group. The hard part is that you usually play with more than one doll as a child… So set a limit like 4 dolls = a tea party. Two dogs = guard dogs during fight play, and so on…

Good luck with your own personal stuffed animal collection and purge. Mine will probably not happen for a while.


All my best,

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