Easy Easter Bunny Basket

So after our busy week and first flight to Washington, I decided to take LB to an Easter egg hunt the very next day. As tired as I was and as little that I wanted to do once we got home, I still wanted her to have fun and enjoy the celebration. I’m really happy that I did take her because coming from cold weather back to warmth was really good for her. She had the sniffles since we left so for her to enjoy the outdoors was nice.


Her favorite part when we were egg hunting was wandering away from the group to explore on her own. I showed her what to do with the eggs, but it really didn’t mean anything to her yet.


Still, it was a blast and we only had to bring a basket. I was first inspired by this basket (link here) and I had bought all the materials but didn’t make it in time. Instead I reused a summer pail that we got from a party last year, some foam stickers, and a marker for the face. Then I took white construction paper and a patterned paper and made bunny ears. Taped down with patterned duck tape. I made it in 10 minutes while watching Shark Tank with my hubby right before the party.



I think for last minute it turned out cute and now I can exchange the dollar tree one I bought for something else!!


Love my little bunny!

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