Airplane Sorry Bags & WA Trip

We just returned from a 5 night, 6 day trip to visit my brother and his family in Washington. We had a mini family reunion too, just immediate family. It was exhausting and it was also a lot of firsts for us. It was our first flight with our 2 year old, which if we had gone a week early we would have saved $300+ on flying, etc… Our first time to take a shuttle onto a ferry! Super fun, but I wish we could have taken her around the boat. Too scared though that she would jump overboard. Lol

The one thing I was really excited to make for the trip was the Airplane Sorry bags found here (link). I estimated that if you make about 30 bags total (15 for each way, to and from your destination), it costs about $0.50 per bag with the goodies I put in. I will come back to this at the end of my trip story, or you can scroll to near the end.

So again it was our first trip and although I’m really a big planner, I hate doing research for things! Funny right?! I just hate having to scourge through all the muck of information. I got a general consensus from our normal go to mommies and then also based our needs on my daughter’s personality.

Our trip to WA was horrific (it really felt that way and go ahead, nod your head if you remember that feeling). Let’s just say that it was poor timing on my part as far as turning on the movie, giving her sippy drinks, and since it was a first experience for her, poor thing had a hard time.
On the return trip things went much more smoothly. She still had smaller meltdowns, but since I dealt with them ALL, I say they were much easier coming home. She had her juice cup, Frozen (the movie) was playing on her device and she was happy. She already took her nap in the shuttle and I was surprised that she wasn’t as cranky. Probably because the TO flight was right at nap time. My bad :/. I’m am not gonna be that person that reads every horrible story on the internet and freaks out. I figure I get criticism and scolded when I do research and when I don’t. I just have to learn to shut out the negative and let in the positive.

I’m positive that my husband never wants to go through that again (we’ve been banned from attending a wedding in May for fear of embarrassment). I’m positive that as she gets older it will slowly become easier in ways and other things will be difficult.
I’m positive that I will have the memories from our first flight and the ringing from my ears will eventually subside.
I’m positive that although this was a trying week, my baby girl is the sweetest girl and is my perfect little one. Just like your child fits you.

Happy Child

Happy Child

Back to the Airplane Sorry Bags. So cost is $0.50 for 30 bags total or $15 total estimated.
Sandwich Baggie with labels – I owned both baggies and labels
Starbursts 6 pieces per bag = $5 (estimated)
Tissue pack (8 pack at dollar tree) = $4
Earplugs (5pk at dollar tree) = $6

Sorry Bags

Sorry Bags

Total $15 and so worth it. Both my husband and I were late on delivering the first set of bags, so we saved them for the return flight. All the comments I heard were “this is new”, “oh cool, earplugs … I may need it for that kid” (another kid 3 rows behind us had a really hard time). The best part was that they ate the candy and I didn’t feel like I was getting dirty looks the whole time like with the first flight.

Now I know more for our maybe next trip to Disneyland. We’ll see how that turns out.

Happy Sunday Recap!

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