Where’s Sherie?


These past two weeks have been filled with sick (grainy poop, vomit, and yucky-ness) for our toddler. She caught a virus that’s been going around. She is slowly getting better, meanwhile I’ve been busily trying to get details for her 2nd birthday party completed like her fairy skirt (link), birthday felt crown (link), fairy decor details (link), and food preparation.

Spring is a very busy season for us because along with it being her birthday soon, many of her cousins have birthdays as well. So I’ve been working on various handmade presents that I hope to post soon. Since I’m pretty sure my friends and family don’t visit here often, I’ll share what I’m working on.
Projects/gifts for birthdays:
– Hopscotch game (link)
– XL letter pillows (tutorial will be coming soon hopefully)

– felt crowns (see link above)
– bean bags ABC

BB zigzag

I swear it felt like I had more but I guess it’s also because it’s times 5. But I’m really excited about finishing each project.

On top of my laundry list of projects to do, I’m also trying to prepare for our flight or trip to Seattle for a mini family reunion! It’s Reina’s first flight and I’m totally nervous. All the other pro flying moms have been through the yelling, screaming before, but I’m trying to prepare as best I can. I do know and accept whatever happens, will happen. I don’t know why but every time I tell someone that I’m planning ahead for things, I get crazy “why would you do that?!” looks, like it’s stupid to be prepared. Whatever! I had a bad week too because some 70 plus year old granny called me stupid at Joann’s because I had to pass through her aisle and she had to move her cart. I really hope I don’t become cranky old.

Okay, that’s where I am this week. The next three weeks will probably be posts like this until things calm down. But have a great weekend!!

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