Easter Basket DIY

Is it bad for me to admit that I don’t want to celebrate EVERY holiday that passes?  I’m really not into St. Patricks this year although I do have Irish ancestors. I painted my nails green and that’s as much as I have done for it to avoid pinches!

But I did start an early Easter project. I got this shimmery gold basket from my Mother in Law a while ago and although its really nice, I wanted it to be safe for little hands in the house. We have other baskets in the house and most are covered but a lot of these tend to have little wood pieces brake off when they are played with.

This is a simple tutorial on lining this basket for Easter (on a daily basis it holds books):


I started by picking a fabric I really loved and thought went well with the gold basket. I love these hearts and the different colors really pop. I’m also using this pattern for another tutorial in the near future (look out for it!) I roughly measured the fabric using the basket. The inside walls are about 4 inches tall, so I added an inch to be folded over (for a straight edge). The circle is extremely uneven, but it doesn’t matter to me. I made sure that it fit nicely inside and touched all sides of the wall with excess.20140313-173028.jpg

I also wanted to add cushion to the bottom (inside) of the basket, otherwise you can really feel the bony structure. I used extra felt that I had and cut two circles to fit inside the basket. First I traced the basket outside, so there is a little bit of a lip when I put the felt inside. I decided not to glue the felt to the bottom, I’m not sure why. I just didn’t.


I did hot glue the yellow felt to the heart patterns. I just used a single line of glue all around the edge. I didn’t put any in the center because I didn’t want to have glue lines.20140313-173049.jpg

Then I started to play with the lining around the sides of the basket with the heart pattern. It is a bit tricky especially because I did have excess. But play with it and it should turn out really cute.20140313-173039.jpg

This is our finished basket! I love how it looks especially with the books.



Hope you enjoyed this simple and quick tutorial. Have a great weekend!

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