Cozi and my Goals in March 2014

Have I shared with you my goals in March? One of them was in my Organization post about Just Doing It! I wanted to make the first of the month important and so I said I would change our bed sheets. That’s totally important! And I accomplished it about near the end of the first week, but I still count it as an accomplished goal!

Besides my millions of to-do lists, shopping lists, and calendar schedules, I try to have goals as well. For this March, my goals have mostly surrounded my daughters 2nd birthday, other relatives birthdays, and a trip to Seattle. The system I have used for the past two years is an app called Cozi. But it is also accessible through my PC and tablet. It truly keeps my life and the things I need to do in order. The other great feature and what even sold my husband on this was that it can be accessed by all family members. That way we both are aware of our schedules, changes made, and can add things to our shopping list with instant notification. There are many other applications that are similar to the Cozi, but out of them all, this is the one that seemed easiest for me to use. Although I grew up with computer technology, I can sometimes get stumped and frustrated with things. I really need something easy for dummies to use!

Cozi Bar

Cozi Bar

This is what the Cozi bar looks like from its online perspective. It’s different on the iPhone and tablet too. I mainly use the Calendar, To Do, and Shopping lists. Contacts I leave blank because I already have all my contacts in my address book and it would be a pain to have to re enter it all in. Meals is a new feature to me and I may start using this more often. Messages and Journal features I’ve tried using in the past but I’m not consistent with them and it doesn’t bother me not to use it. In fact I feel like my To-do list and Calendar are pretty much a journal of my life.



This is a weekly view of my calendar but it can also switch to a month view, print out, and enter new appointments. It feels very clean and contained which makes my life feel more calm.

To-do lists

To-do lists

I am always checking, editting, adding, deleting, rearranging my to do list. As you can see from the drop-down menu I have several categories of To-do lists. Daily is everything I do on a daily basis. I love how this functions for me. On my Daily I have several sub-categories that are in bold and act as headings. At the top of my Daily is my TO BE DONE list, which is basically goals I have for the month, week, etc. Next heading is WORK IN PROGRESS which is very functional because many times I have large projects or tasks that have a million steps and I’m never complete, but I want to make sure I don’t forget about that task. For example, my daughters birthday invitations that I’m working on is a WORK IN PROGRESS. But I will still list out specific steps that need to be done. See below.

– 2nd Birthday invites

– Cut out Invitation information
– Glue onto card base
– Finish details

After WORK IN PROGRESS, my next header is WEEKLY TASKS, followed by the days of the week. Here though I have them backwards because when you list a new task it enters from the bottom of the list. So Monday would be at the bottom of the list and Sunday at the top. The other great feature of the Cozi is that you can rearrange tasks and headers simply by moving it with your mouse or your finger on your phone up or down the list. At the end of my day, I check the remaining tasks of my list or move them to another day. I know this isn’t ideal, but I seems to always list too many things and there isn’t enough time in the day to do it all. Then I move up the day like MONDAY above SUNDAY. For the next day I will list how I’d like to see my day go but I always know things are able to change and it makes my life easier knowing that if something comes up, its not permanent.

– Breakfast
– Walk in park
– Vacuum
– Fold Laundry
– Read new book

This list above is just an example. Honestly, I haven’t read a new book in forever it seems. There is just too much social media, pinning, and blogging to be done. I also do write down the obvious things like Breakfast. I am the type of person that likes to see things checked off. I will even list out the steps for doing laundry like sort, start, dry, and fold. I feel like seeing every step helps keep me motivated to keep doing things and to check things off my list. I know, its a bit much. But the good thing is that this is my system and you can do whatever you’d like with yours.

Shopping Lists

Shopping Lists

My shopping list is similar to my to do in that I’ve got a category for each store that I frequent. This makes shopping easy for me at least.

The funny thing is that I sometimes will still take out a scrap piece of paper and write down what I’m doing. I started out planning in a regular planner type all throughout junior and High school. The simple task of writing out to do lists makes me feel like I’m back in school. I’m such a nerd, I know!

Anyway, hope you are inspired to set your monthly goals, check out the Cozi, and get some things checked off your list. If you use a different application, please comment below on why you like your system. Or if you are old fashioned and like the planners, which brand do you like? I’ve been looking at the Erin Condren line, but its still too much for me to justify.

All my Best,

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