Heart Art Embroidery

This tutorial is past its time (Valentines two weeks ago), but since I wasn’t able to finish my original post for today, I hope you don’t mind the switch. I originally posted this on my Facebook page at Sherie’s Craftagious Corner. But I usually only post a brief description and pictures. Here is a full tutorial, not very long though.

Step By Step Embroidery Art

Step By Step Embroidery Art

My original inspiration was all the nail art I’ve seen on Pinterest where you use actual nails, wood, and string. But I couldn’t find my small nails during that time and so I had plenty of needles and thread to substitute.

Materials (as seen in above picture):

Template – I used a heart for Valentines, but if you do anything more complicated I would have tracing paper. One with the original work to have on top of the paper you want to use to puncture the holes
Needle and Thread (your choice of colors)
Cardstock (any color)
Tape or washi tape, easier to remove
Mat – something to stick needle into. I just used one of my mouse pads, works the same and protects the table surface.

1. Trace template onto cardstock. A heart is simple, so I just used the back side of my cardstock to trace the heart and pin my holes. Spacing on holes is up to you, but remember the more holes you have the more you have to thread.

2. Thread your needle with your choice of thread. I used embroidery thread (2 strands) and made sure to have the knot on the back of the cardstock. Tape the knot down to hold in place.  I love washi tape, its very trendy and because its removable it makes a lot of projects easy.



3. Start threading your pattern. I wasn’t courageous with this pattern and just choose a straight stitch. I get weird that way about certain things. I really didn’t want to have to redo this pattern if I messed up the heart.

Here is an example (below) of a different pattern I used on a smaller heart. You can really just use your imagination. That’s what I loved about the nail art especially when its on a larger scale.

Valentines Cards

Valentines Cards

4. Frame up your Embroidered Art and its all set. I got this frame from Target and I use it for all my art. It sits on my mirror wood tree by the entryway of our door. Its about 5 x 7 and the best part is I can change it out to suite the holiday.

Framed Embroidery Heart Art

Framed Embroidery Heart Art

Short and Sweet! Use this for upcoming St. Patricks Day or Birthday cards and hope you have fun with it!

Have a great weekend!

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Nail Art Inspiration

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